Video Chat Conferencing at its Best with Anymeeting


AnyMeeting is more of a videoconferencing service than it is a video chat service. It only requires a browser plugin to work. It’s free (ad-supported), and you can upgrade to the $18 per month “Pro 25” account or the $78 per month “Pro 200” account, which both remove the ads, bump up the number of people you can have in a videoconference simultaneously to 25 and 200 respectively, and the option to record your meetings and web conferences for future playback.check out their plans here, and anymeeting is best app that can be used to host a webinar or large online conference.

With AnyMeeting, even free accounts can bring 200 people to the party but you can’t record these meetings with free account. Screen sharing, presentation uploading, YouTube video sharing, and a custom URL for your account and all of your meetings are just some of the features the service offers. this app is very useful for webinars and conferences conducting, hope you like it.



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