Break Fortiguard web filter

Break Fortiguard web filter

Let’s know how to crack fortiguard web filter in 3 easy steps. All 3 are very effective and you can use them at schools, universities and offices. But Keep always one thing in mind don’t get caught. If caught you might get severe punishment for breaking the laws. Here they are..
    • If your school has blocked websites that you want to surf then you can use Web page translator to change the web page from one language to another. You can use two web page translator which are the best.
    1. – This is the best. Just go and type in the address and change the language selection to anything like spanish to english, or german to english. Now as the web page is already in the English, the translation will have no effect on web page and it will open the web page for you in english and you can browse it from there.


  • You can also use Google Web page translator.  
  • Use of small Software – Here I am enlisting some software which are popular for bypassing and unblocking firewalls.


    1. Freegate – Freegate is a small software however it has certain limits according to the country like it will not open all websites in certain countries. It opens only few selected websites such as facebook, youtube etc.


  • Ultrasurf – Ultrasurf has many versions. You can download any one of them. Once it connects to the server, it works very well.
  • Puff the magic dragon – This software is very good for watching youtube videos as I observed that the buffering is very good using this software.
  • Hot spot shield – It creates a VPN connection with its server then you can enjoy the whole internet behind the VPN server of the Anchorfree.
  • Your – Freedom – This is another good software. However you need an account for the software to run. You can do so by going to the website and making a free account. Once you are done then you can run the software. It will search for all the servers and connects you to the best possible server.

for mobile users:  use opera mini browser.

the best way to bypass fortiguard and other web filters is to setup VPN connection.
to seup a VPN connection, you need:
>> server address
>> username
>> password
all three of them are available for free and requires no signup on any of the sites hosting PPTP VPN.

goto >>vpn settings>>add new VPN>>type- PPTP>>server address(as mentioned on site)>>save connection.
first connect to wifi which is blocked by fortiguard >> goto VPN>> open VPN you created >> enter username >> enter password.
connect .
that’s it.
VPN services :
>>PPTP Server:
>>PPTP Username: free
>>PPTP Password: 1234
Enjoy !!!!!!


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