Play PSP Games on Android

What You’ll Need:

>>A Good Android Phone/Tablet

>>PPSSPP app
>>cube.elf file
>>PSP “.iso” or “.cso”

So, playing PSP games on your Android Device is now Easier, thanks to PPSSPP app, it’s possible to play some of the PSP games on your Android based device. There are many bugs and items that need to be sorted out. There are only a few games compatible for Android at this Time. You can check an up to date list here

Step 1:

Install PPSSPP App and download the cube.elf file.

Step 2:

This might a little bit hard, finding a compatible game. For that, all you need is a Search engine. Once you’ve found the .cso or .iso version of the game you like to play, copy it, along with the cube.elf file on your SDcard.

Qemu Manager

Now, open up the app on your Device. tap on “load”, and browse the location where you placed the .elf file. Now, select the file and if  you see a spinning cube, it confirms that you device is compatible….

Qemu Manager

Step 4:

Go to the main screen, then load and select your game. If successful, the game will start. Congo, You are now running a psp game on your device. If it doesn’t load, then the emulator is probably not able to handle it at this current time, check back later for some more updates.

>>Top 5 Android Apps<<


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