Shutdown Friend’s Computer using Facebook Chat

This is a very simple and effective trick for desktop computers and laptops, all you need is to follow these steps :

Step 1:
Before you start clear all history, cookies, stop downloads and close all
extra tabs i.e stop all internet based activities. Now go to your messanger and start
chatting with the friend you want to prank.

Step 2:
Click on “Start” >> “Run”.


Step 3:
Run”>>in run type “cmd.exe” and press Enter.

Step 4:
Command prompt will now open. In cmd.exe type  “netstat -n“.

Step 5:
Now if you have successfully executed Step 4 correctly,
you will see one ip address  many times in cmd window (victim’s ip).

Step 6:
Now, type “shutdown -i“. A box will appear now click on “add“ button.A small box will pop up. Here, enter the ip address of victim which was grabbed using “netstat -n” command.

Step 7:
Now there are three options visible, click on “shutdown”.

Step 8:
If you want to show a message to victim’s
computer screen, check the “warm users of the action
and set the number of seconds .

Step 9:
You can select any option in shutdown
event tracker.

Step 10:
At last you can type a message like “your computer is now hacked”. Just click on OK. Enjoy!!!!!


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