Must Have Android Launchers

Go Launcher EX

Go Launcher is to this date, the most popular launcher in the play store with over 1,000,000 downloads.  What makes go launcher so successful is its endless expansion opportunities.  Go launcher not only has 100 of themes, but even their own market  dedicated to their launcher. t’s fast response, and highly customizable, the way any android launcher should be. Continue reading

Sony Smartwatch

Key Features :

  • Black Strap
  • Square Dial
  • Buckle Clasp
  • Aluminium Case
Taking the popular and coveted touch technology on wristwatches to a whole new level in terms of touch and tech, is this awe-inspiring smartwatch from Sony. Featuring the highest levels of the latest Android platform, this highly sophisticated digital watch from Sony is all you need to keep your world at your fingertips.
Apart from its stunning design, this battery powered smartwatch from Sony comes fully armed with an arsenal of high-tech features and functions that is sure to blow you away. Being unisex, this smartwatch is a combination of all the right design elements that will easily suit both men and women alike. Continue reading

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting a Android Device

What is rooting?

If you’re an Administrator on a Windows machine, you have access to the entire operating system and you can do whatever you like. That’s essentially what happens if you root your Android device. With root access, you can get around any restrictions that your manufacturer or carrier may have applied. You can run more apps; you can customize your device to a greater degree; and you can potentially speed it up in a variety of ways.
The process involves backing up your current software and then flashing a new custom ROM.
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