Shutdown Friend’s Computer using Facebook Chat

This is a very simple and effective trick for desktop computers and laptops, all you need is to follow these steps :

Step 1:
Before you start clear all history, cookies, stop downloads and close all
extra tabs i.e stop all internet based activities. Now go to your messanger and start
chatting with the friend you want to prank. Continue reading

Session Hijacking in Public Networks

What is Session Hijacking?

Every time you connected to the web application (usually a dynamic web application) you will have a unique ID called “session”, this session will identifies you as a valid user and will always valid until you kill the session (log out process) or the session has expired. Some bad people trying to identifies or guessing the session ID value to gain privileges as a valid user in a web application. Continue reading

All Your Photos in One Place(Facebook, Instagram, Flickr)


Trovebox makes it easy to keep all your photos from
multiple sites, devices and even people together in one place.
App available on Googleplay, Download Link
keep all your photos from facebook, instagram and flikr at one place using this app.
visit for further details.

Swiftkey Keypad for Smart Phones


>It replaces your phones default keyboard.
>predicts word when you start typing.
>Adjust key height and size according to your convenience.
>Learns from your messages, facebook, twitter, gmail, blog, etc
>It learns to use words together.
>Type with FLOW. Just swipe your finger over the keyboard to type. Continue reading